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Gone are the days of destination keychains and fridge magnets. We bring home souvenirs with good intentions but adding a 28th shot glass to the shelf is anything but exciting. Skip the boring souvenir shop and check out these interesting mementos.

Options range from Marilyn Monroe’s personal wardrobe to the cape worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman III.

Upon touching down at LAX, jump online and order your Fabric Fob. Featuring cutouts of celebrity costumes and garb from your favorite movies, you’ll arrive home to a limited-edition piece of Hollywood history. Each piece of 1”x1” fabric is secured in a clear plastic fob with key ring. Your souvenir comes with a serial number matching the photo of the item and digital certification. Click to check out Fabric Fobs.

Best for over packers. We know your luggage zippers are due to bust at any moment. Lucky for you, these will fit in your pocket.


Whenever I exit the chaos that is LAX, I B-line it to the closest In-N-Out Burger and sink my teeth into their famous cheeseburger (hold the onions). An easy to pack memento is their well-known foam cup antenna topper. Gone are the days of the Jack in the Box head. Be the talk of the town with In-N-Out’s classic cup and never miss the chance to brag to your friends about the animal fries that were so worth waiting 40 minutes in line for. Can’t wait to deck out your car’s antenna? Click to buy.

Kelly Elaine specializes in portrait, lifestyle, music, and travel photography. You’re in good hands!

Another option for those traveling with excessive baggage, and we don’t mean the trust issues your ex left you with (sorry, Boo!), is a photoshoot. Break the internet with the hottest photos your IG followers never saw coming. Professional photographer and award winner Kelly Elaine’s clients include, Capitol Records, Entertainment Weekly, Chevrolet and Buxom cosmetics just to name a few. Schedule a photoshoot ahead of time and put your robust wardrobe to work. Click here to check out her work and book your photoshoot.

The Pygmy Hippo Shoppe is located at 306 N Stanley Avenue, Los Angeles, 90036

With a name like The Pygmy Hippo Shoppe, you’re bound to find some oddities. A fun collection of antiques and curiosities refreshed with millennial approved slogans bordering on slightly offensive, your souvenirs of choice will bring laughs and gasps for years to come. From the classic 1930’s style Kit-Cat Clock, to a vintage Bakelite View-Master, to a Snow-White themed clock made from a 1940’s record. take a walk down Hollywood’s memory lane and take them home with you. Window shop their website here.

If weird is your middle name, let’s take things a step further. The LA Coroner’s gift shop has slightly alarming souvenirs up for grabs. Pick up your choice of beach towel with faux dead body chalk outline or embossed desk pad portfolio. With your new LA Coroners license plate cover, it’s your guess if you’ll be pulled over for going 15 miles over the limit. If you do get pulled over, make sure the officer notices your LA Coroners lapel badge and LA County Coroner Lunch Cooler on the passenger seat. Pre-plan your purchase here.

Step up your timepiece game with an actual piece of Hollywood history. The Premiere line of watches from Hollywood Watch Company features 8 watch styles, all with pieces of the original Hollywood Sign (Hollywood not Hollyweed!) on the watch face. When the sign that hangs in the Hollywood Hills was replaced in 1978, the metal was stored and later sold to various entities. HWC scooped up the last of the metal for their limited-edition, conversational timepieces which will be available in early 2019. What better way to remember Hollywood than owning a piece of California’s most well-known landmark? Bonus — they’re on Kickstarter for about half off what you’ll pay next year. Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign and purchase.


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