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It’s hard to believe, but once upon a time Hollywood was just like all the other wild west frontier towns and the property north of Sunrise Boulevard was useless (so they thought) for anything but cattle.

The name “Hollywood” first appeared on a land survey in 1887, as the name of the 160 acre Wilcox Ranch.  It is said, that when Mrs. Wilcox went on a trip to the East, she met a woman on the train that spoke of her country home in Ohio named after a Dutch settlement called “Hollywood.” Daeida liked the sound of it so much that when she returned to home to Southern California she bestowed the name on the family ranch.

During those days Hollywood was still separated from the well-established city of Los Angeles by over 7 miles of citrus groves.

Hollywood briefly incorporated as a town in 1903 but that only lasted for 7 years until they voted to become a part of Los Angeles to gain access to their water.  Clearly it was very, very dry in Hollywood.  But before joining with L.A they managed to outlaw liquor (contributing to their dryness) and forbid herds of cattle larger than 200 being driven down the streets of town, which, when you think about it, seems like a pretty good rule in general.

L.A taken from a hot air balloon in 1883


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