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Hollywood Watch Company is making history. Led by a team of watch and cinema enthusiasts, HWC has created a Swiss-made watch featuring treated metal from the original Hollywood sign from 1923 on the dial – Hollywood on your wrist! What is not commonly known is that the original Hollywood sign, built as a promotion for a real estate development in 1923, was replaced with the current sign in 1978. In 2017, HWC purchased all of the remaining metal from the original Hollywood Sign. “After much discussion about the best way to share this incredible icon of history with the people, we reached our “ah-ha!” moment. We decided that we would return this piece of cultural and entertainment history to the people in the form of a watch. Why a watch? A watch is with us wherever we go. It is a statement about who we are. It is something we use in our daily lives. It is something that can be shown readily to friends and family. It is something that will be enjoyed and treasured, and even passed down to future generations,” says Hossam Antar, HWC CEO. The Hollywood sign, and the hope, glamor and dreams it represents, is firmly embedded in American culture. But it is more than that. The sign is a global icon that almost anyone with a love of film can resonate with - and now you can own a piece of history!

HWC has spent two years refining the design to ensure the very best Swiss-made quality at an affordable price.  Available in two sizes for ladies and gents – a 43mm bezel and a 36mm bezel - each watch size is limited to just 1,923, a nod to the year the original sign was built. The design pays subtle tribute to the glamour of the Golden Age of Hollywood with art deco numerals and a sun spray design on the dial, which is also etched on the back of the case along with the edition number. Not only does it look great, each watch delivers the quality you expect in a Swiss-made timepiece with Swiss movements, sleek 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal and water resistance to 50m. HWC paid great respect to the Hollywood metal. Swiss craftsmen sandblasted, flattened and treated the metal to maintain the integrity of the unique aged weathering. The metal plaque is placed under the 12’oclock position and is engraved with an art deco H, which is repeated on the crown. Aptly named the Premiere Edition, this watch is timeless yet contemporary. It transitions effortlessly from day wear to evening wear. There are also a variety of straps to select from to suit mood, fashion and occasion. “Every watch is aligned with our core values – timeless style, quality, history, heritage, integrity and Americana. HWC products make the wearer feel connected to history and accomplished, whether in the boardroom or out to lunch,” says Mr. Mandy.

Launching on Kickstarter in September 2018, the metal from the original sign is finite and only very few people will ever be able to own a Hollywood Watch Company timepiece featuring actual metal on the dial. “An HWC watch is the embodiment of the American dream. It’s a must for any watch collector or film enthusiast. Our watches remind and inspire our collectors that anything is possible and encourage the wearer to write their own story,” says Mr. Mandy.

Hollywood Watch Company is the only watch creator in the world that incorporates pieces of metal from the original Hollywood sign from 1923 into the design of collectible limited-edition ladies and gent’s Swiss-made watches. HWC honors Hollywood’s legacy of enriching lives through cinema by placing the original Hollywood sign onto the wrists of the people, one watch at a time. Visit www.hollywood.watch for Kickstarter launch updates, early bird deals and to enter to WIN a $3,000 swag bag giveaway!

Taryn Koshelnyk (HWC Vice President) – 1-888-902-9982 | taryn@hollywood.watch
Alana Douglas (HWC Director of International Marketing) – 1-888-902-9982 | alana@hollywood.watch

Visit www.hollywood.watch to download a full press kit.

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