Founded in 2017, Hollywood Watch Company (HWC) is made up of group of history and cinema buffs who are passionate about continuing the legacy of one of the world’s greatest entertainment icons - the Hollywood Sign.

The original Hollywood(land) sign was constructed in 1923 and replaced with the current sign in 1978. In 2017, HWC purchased all of the remaining metal from the original Hollywood Sign from Desi De Santos, the owner of Screen Used, a respected entertainment collectibles company that deals in Hollywood and film-related memorabilia. The metal is fully authenticated and certified. The metal HWC purchased included a 10 foot by 2.5 foot section from the original letter “H” from the sign. It is one of only a few complete sections that were not cut into smaller pieces. This specific piece is from the upper right side of the letter 'H'. It was located immediately above the section with blue "CKIE" letters and black "I ON" graffiti letters. The "VI" graffiti in blue spray paint on this section matches the "CKIE" on the other section to spell "VICKIE".

After much discussion about the best way to share this incredible icon of history, we reached our “ah-ha!” moment. We decided that we would return this iconic piece of cultural and entertainment history to the public in the form of a watch. Read more.

Why a watch? A watch is with us wherever we go. It is a statement about who we are. It is something we use in our daily lives. It is something that can be shown readily to friends and family. It is something that will be enjoyed and treasured, and even passed down to future generations. We determined to make a watch that was affordable and well made with Swiss movements and sapphire crystal.


We are making history - HWC is the only watch creator in the world that incorporates pieces of treated metal from the original Hollywood sign into collectible timepieces.

Hollywood Watch Company - The Premiere Watch

Each ladies and gent’s watch is limited in availability and subtly tributes the glamour of the Golden Days of Hollywood in its contemporary yet timeless design. Every HWC watch is a continued legacy of the Hollywood sign – one of the most globally recognized monuments in the world and a historic symbol of hope, dreams, opportunity and success. Our watch enthusiasts are inspired to wear their HWC timepiece as a reminder that the American dream is possible and to write their own story.


Hollywood Watch Company honors Hollywood’s legacy of enriching lives through cinema by placing the original Hollywood Sign onto the wrists of the people, one watch at a time.


Every product we create is aligned with our core values – timeless style, quality, history, heritage, integrity and Americana. HWC products make the wearer feel connected to history and successful, whether in the boardroom or out to lunch.

An HWC watch is the embodiment of the American dream. Our watches remind and inspire our collectors that anything is possible and encourage the wearer to write their own story.