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Mission Statement

Hollywood Watch Company honors Hollywood’s legacy of enriching lives through cinema by placing the original Hollywood sign onto the wrists of the people, one watch at a time.


Every product we create is aligned with our core values – timeless style, quality, history, heritage, integrity and Americana. HWC products make the wearer feel connected to history and successful, whether in the boardroom or out to lunch.

An HWC watch is the embodiment of the American dream. Our watches remind and inspire our collectors that anything is possible and encourage the wearer to write their own story.

Our Story

Short Description: Founded in 2017, the Hollywood Watch Company is the only watch creator in the world that incorporates pieces of treated metal from the original Hollywood sign from 1923 into the design of collectible limited-edition ladies and gent’s Swiss-made watches.

Long Description: In 2017, HWC purchased all of the remaining metal from the original Hollywood Sign from 1923 (the original sign was replaced with the current sign in 1978). After much discussion about the best way to share this incredible icon of history with the people, we reached our “ah-ha!” moment. We decided that we would return this iconic piece of cultural and entertainment history to the people in the form of a watch. Why a watch? A watch is with us wherever we go. It is a statement about who we are. It is something we use in our daily lives. It is something that can be shown readily to friends and family. It is something that will be enjoyed and treasured, and even passed down to future generations. We determined to make a watch that was affordable and well made with Swiss movements and sapphire crystal. We are making history - HWC is the only watch creator in the world that incorporates pieces of treated metal from the original Hollywood sign into collectible timepieces. Each ladies and gent’s watch is limited in availability and subtly tributes the glamour of the Golden Days of Hollywood in its contemporary yet timeless design. Every HWC watch is a continued legacy of the Hollywood sign – one of the most globally recognized monuments in the world and a historic symbol of hope, dreams, opportunity and success. Our watch enthusiasts are inspired to wear their HWC timepiece as a reminder that the American dream is possible and to write their own story.

Journey of the Sign

Although Hollywood Watch Company’s story began in 2017, the prologue goes all the way back to the Hollywood Hills, more specifically, Mount Lee, in Los Angeles in 1923…

Originally constructed to help generate sales for a real estate development called HOLLYWOODLAND, the original Hollywood sign was born in 1923. The workers erecting the large sheets of metal on the slopes of Mount Lee could not possibly have known how important their project would become. The “HOLLYWOODLAND” real estate development would sell out. The prominent advertisement would go on to become one of the world’s most important and iconic symbols; a symbol of hope, glamor, success and the American dream.

The original sign - the sign that presided over the golden age of silent films and black and whites that would have been touched and gazed upon by the likes of Fred Astaire, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne and Frank Sinatra - was replaced in 1978. The sign stood for almost sixty years before time, weather and the elements took their toll. Unable to bear the thought of this global icon disappearing forever, an effort was launched in the late seventies to replace the Hollywood sign with an identical, but more sturdily built design. Hollywood notables such as Warner Bros. Studios, Alice Cooper, Hugh Hefner and others raised the funds necessary to save the sign. When the new sign was erected in 1978, the original grand old lady – having surveyed the birth and growth of global film, television and musical domination – was to be scrapped. Through certain twists of fate, she escaped this undistinguished end. Her white-painted metal, imbued with the magic and the mystique of sixty years of Hollywood, was quietly tucked away in storage… until now.

In 2017, Hollywood Watch Company purchased all of the remaining metal from the original Hollywood Sign from 1923. Our team of passionate cinema and history buffs and watch enthusiasts acquired the metal with the goal of celebrating history… but more than that, our goal was to find a way to hand the world’s sign back to the people. History should not be forgotten and distant. History can and should be at our very fingertips. Connected. Relevant. Timeless. So after much deliberation over how best to achieve this, we decided to fuse history and time together… and Hollywood Watch Company was born.

HWC Team

Hossam Antar (CEO) - After 4 years with Unilever in management accounting and brand management and 5 years as director of sales with London Contemporary Art, Hossam founded various entities that operated successful fine art retail programs onboard luxury cruise lines such as Disney, Regent, Oceania, Silversea and MSC. Over the past 20 years, Hossam has developed valuable relationships with the most prominent artists and organizations in the country such as Peter Max and Sotheby's. Prior to founding Hollywood Watch Company, Hossam also founded and sold Sea Miles; one of the most successful credit card loyalty programs in the cruise industry with Carnival Cruise Line and Barclays bank.

Taryn Koshelnyk (COO) - A graduate of Varsity College, Taryn was a consultant for Unilever, Bacardi and P&G in South Africa. She has been a leader in fine art retail programs since 2001 and is an accomplished public speaker, specializing in art history and contemporary art. Within the fine art retail industry, Taryn has worked with multiple cruise lines including Disney, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess, Oceania, Regent, and Silversea. Her areas of expertise include the marketing, promotion, and sales of luxury goods in the Caribbean and through onboard duty free retail outlets. Taryn is a founding member of HWC and is passionate about brand creation and development.

Ahmed Antar (Director of Online Operations) - Ahmed is a veteran web developer and multimedia designer. He has worked on hundreds of diverse projects ranging from cutting-edge websites, interactive multimedia, motion graphics applications and video games; to illustrative and graphic work. Ahmed has received accolades for his creative work, including the 2003 Award of Future Designer from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He is also a member and judge at (AIVA), The Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Over the past 15 years, Ahmed has developed and managed both front and back end operations to numerous websites, including e-Commerce applications and online auction platforms.

Product Information

Watch Specifications:

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    “It isn’t every day that you can say you are wearing an actual piece of Hollywood on your wrist… This may just be your claim to fame.” – Roberta Naas

    Hollywood Watch on Quill & Pad

    “… (Hollywood) has uniquely shaped an American cultural obsession with fame, glamour, and imagination that has spread throughout the world and inspired millions of people in countless ways.”

    “…there are some things that are truly American: baseball, apple pie, Spam (the junk mail and the canned meat), mega churches, and nonsensical systems of measurement . . . there is something for everyone. One distinctly American thing that is famous all over the world is Hollywood: a manifestation of American dreams in every shape and form for over a century.”

    “For any fan of Hollywood history, this is a rather unique ̶ and definitely American ̶ piece of history. The story of the sign and the rise of Hollywood are praiseworthy added-value elements to the piece.” - Joshua Munchow


    “Why a watch? A watch is with us wherever we go. It is a statement about who we are. It is something we use in our daily lives. It is something that can be shown readily to friends and family. It is something that will be enjoyed and treasured, and even passed down to future generations.” - Hossam Antar, HWC CEO

    “We have spent two years refining the design of our watches and ensuring we offer the very best Swiss-made quality at a great price point. We are thrilled with the result and know that with the addition of the Hollywood sign antique metal on the dial, this is a timepiece unlike anything else in the world.” - Hossam Antar, HWC CEO

    “Hollywood Watch Company celebrates history and heritage. Our timepieces maintain the integrity of the original metal with the authentic and unique weathering of each plaque. We have not only ensured that the legacy of the original sign will continue, but we have created an opportunity for film and watch enthusiasts worldwide to create their own family legacy with a watch that will be passed on for generations.” - Taryn Koshelnyk, HWC Vice President

    “The metal from the original letter H is finite and only very few watch collectors will ever be able to own a Hollywood Watch Company timepiece featuring actual metal on the dial. That is a very special opportunity. There is great satisfaction in owning something so limited in availability.” - Hossam Antar, HWC CEO

    ‘We paid great respect to the design of the Premiere Edition. It is timeless yet modern. Each watch can transition effortlessly from day wear to evening wear. We have also taken great care to offer a variety of straps to suit mood, fashion and occasion.” - Hossam Antar, HWC CEO

    “The watch dial features a subtle tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood with art deco numerals and a sunray design. The Hollywood sign metal is engraved with an art deco H, which is repeated on the crown. Each watch features an art deco engraving on the back of the case along with the limited edition number.” - Hossam Antar, HWC CEO


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